Hi, I am Kostas

Hi, I am Konstantinos(aka Kostas) Konstantinidis and this is my blog.

I am a software engineer, husband to a wonderful wife and father of 2 girls(4, 7). I am also a cofounder of Ardanis.com.

I graduated from City College, Thessaloniki with a Bachelor in Computer Science awarded by the University of Sheffield on 2004.

I moved to Ireland on 2011 and worked there for while before cofounding Ardanis back on 2016. I work there currently. Recently I decided to move back to Greece since I have been heavily working remotely for the past years and after 11 years in Ireland.

I am in the process of starting a company in Greece and I am documenting some of the steps of repatriation and company creation here in Greece as I found many people interested in this journey. If you are interested then make sure to follow this blog and the twitter acccount. I may be posting some jobs as well in 2023.

If you want to learn more about my resume so far make sure to checkout my LinkedIn.

You’ll also find me posting on Twitter so do follow and mention if you find any posts interesting here.